Home School Enrichment Magazine

Home School Enrichment Magazine was in print from January, 2003 to April, 2017. See below for an archive of digitized issues!

March/April 2017

  • Rediscovering the Most Important Subjects
  • Reading Comprehension Show-and-Tell
  • Picture Books As History
  • Hands-On History
  • STEM For Your Early Learner
  • Dual Enrollment: Essential Skills
  • Mountaintop Moments
  • Plus lots more…

January/February 2017

  • By the Numbers: Homeschoolers and College
  • A Homeschool Reset Button
  • How to Help Your Kids Stay Christian In College
  • 5 Ways to Make Your High School Curriculum College-Ready
  • A Mother’s Most Essential Tool
  • The Pros and Cons of the College Road Less Traveled
  • 5 Ways to Adapt for Your Kinesthetic Student
  • Plus lots more…

November/December 2016

  • Counting Our Blessings
  • Breathing Life Into Algebra
  • Relearning to Say Thank You
  • Percents, Pancakes, and Perseverance
  • Why Math Isn’t Religiously Neutral
  • Give the Best Gift
  • Understanding Learning Styles
  • Plus lots more…

September/October 2016

  • A Recipe for Poetry Appreciation
  • Learning Through Volunteering
  • A Picture Book is Worth a Thousand Lessons
  • Homeschooling in a Shoe
  • Bringing Literature to Life: Motivating Preteens to Study Literature
  • A Day in the Life of My One-Room Schoolhouse
  • Leaving a Legacy of Words
  • Plus lots more…

July/August 2016

  • Always Learning
  • So What Makes YOU Qualified to Teach Your Own Children?
  • The College Admissions Process
  • Preparing Your Home for Back-to-School
  • Summer Learning Made Fun
  • What About the Ordinary Students?
  • Educational Entrepreneurship
  • Plus lots more…

May/June 2016

  • Moms Matter
  • Class of 16
  • The Wisdom of Washington
  • Teach Your Child to Think Like a Writer
  • Globetrotting Geography
  • Mathematically Musical
  • It’s Too Hard!
  • Plus lots more…

March/April 2016

  • Time to Refresh
  • More Than Academics: Four Big Reasons to Homeschool
  • Making it Count
  • Artistry Abounds!
  • Why Do You Homeschool?
  • Math: Escape the Drudgery
  • The Best of Plans for High School
  • Plus lots more…

January/February 2016

  • Getting Back in the Groove
  • Give Your Homeschool a Midyear Makeover
  • Marvelous Math Activities
  • The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
  • The Secret Ingredient for Young Writers
  • Breaking Out of the Grid
  • So You’ve Got a Strong-Willed Preschooler?
  • Plus lots more…

November/December 2015

  • The Right Focus
  • Overflowing Gratitude
  • When Parenting Goes Wrong
  • Homeschooling Your Middle Child
  • What About Socialization…for Mom?
  • Hands-On History
  • Edible Science
  • Plus lots more…

September/October 2015

  • Is Your Student Really Listening?
  • Keeping Scripture Central
  • Avoiding the Anger Trap
  • Five Habits to Encourage Lifelong Readers
  • Taming the High School Transcript
  • A Prodigal Speaks
  • Forget the App, Keep the Lap
  • Plus lots more…

July/August 2015

  • Jesus or Homeschooling: Which is the Answer?
  • College? Maybe Not
  • Summer Sky Science
  • Writing is Fun!
  • Dealing with Distractions
  • The Keys to Success
  • Fixed on the Right Goal
  • Plus lots more…

May/June 2015

  • Millennials, Homeschoolers, and the Future of America
  • When we Make a Mess of Motherhood
  • Learning on the Go
  • Kindling a Christian Renaissance
  • Discovering Science With Your Preschooler
  • Choosing Literature: Ice Cream or Arsenic?
  • I Can’t Get Anything Done!
  • Plus lots more…

March/April 2015

  • Don’t Go Back!
  • Dad’s Work is Never Done
  • Digging Broken Cisterns
  • Remembering the Important Things
  • Millennials, Homeschoolers, Our Faith, and the Future
  • Refreshing Our Focus
  • Considering College
  • Plus lots more…

January/February 2015

  • Treating Learning Disabilities with Nutritional Therapy
  • Whose Standards Do We Follow?
  • How to Teach Your Kids About Money Management (even if you’re not doing so well yourself!)
  • Time Flies
  • Does College Prep Start Now?
  • Books, Books, Books!
  • Plus lots more…

Issues prior to 2015 have not been digitized for online viewing.