Getting It All Done

Teaching, housework, scheduling...what's a Mom to do? The articles in this category will help with all that and more!

28 Tips for Holiday Efficiency

28 Tips for Holiday Efficiency By Marcia Washburn

Only in America would we make two holy holidays into the most exhausting events of the year! We try to keep up all of our normal activities and academic studies and then add another twenty hours per week to our schedules for the extras.…Read
Buried in Books

Buried in Books By Marcia Washburn

Homeschoolers don’t like books. Homeschoolers love books. Their motto could be, “When in doubt, go to the library.” Many a small-town library has stayed in business due to the frequent visits of homeschooling families. Librarians often…Read
One Mom, Lots of Grades

One Mom, Lots of Grades By Various Authors

How can one homeschooling mom handle kids in multiple grades at the same time?
“I do history, Bible, and some science as a group with most of my kids (high schoolers often do theirs on their own), using one or more of the following: WinterPromise, Sonlight, Mystery of History, Apologia, etc. Workbooks are done…Read
Preparing Your Home for Back-to-School

Preparing Your Home for Back-to-School By Marcia Washburn

Some practical tips to get ready for a great school year!
It may still be summer, but the start of the school year is just around the corner. I don’t know about you, but September and October are my favorite months. The cooler, crisp air introduces a time of new beginnings—a clean slate. I…Read
It’s a Wrap

It’s a Wrap By Jennifer Pepito

Three simple steps for finishing the year
As the weather starts to warm up, I begin to dream about camping trips and beach days—but with the school year winding down, there are many tasks to be done. By this time of year, my children’s work baskets are usually stuffed with an…Read
Simply Easy Organization

Simply Easy Organization By Wendy Dellinger

A simple method with big results.
It was early January, and I sighed as I stared at the large pile of Christmas cards we had received the previous month. I hadn’t even gone through last year’s pile yet to mark down address and e-mail changes, and now I was way-y-y…Read
I Can’t Get Anything Done!

I Can’t Get Anything Done! By Marcia Washburn

Practical pointers on handling interruptions.
Have you heard the story about the new secretary in a small office? At the end of her first week on the job, her boss asked her how things were going. “I’m sorry, but I just can’t seem to get anything done. Every time I start on a…Read
Confessions of a Consummate Failure

Confessions of a Consummate Failure By Julia Schmidt

Sometimes I get so discouraged when I read an encouraging book about homeschooling. The ideas for this or that unit study or discipline technique and the creative blendings of subjects and age levels all sound so easy on paper, and a…Read

26 Ways to Simplify Your Christmas By Marcia Washburn

The workload of a wife and mother more than doubles during December. In addition to all of her normal duties, she may add writing Christmas cards or letters, decorating the house, additional cooking and entertaining, shopping for and…Read

Crisis Homeschooling By Lori Deese

Have you ever had "one of those days"? You know, the kind where nothing goes the way you planned it? Things happen that you don't want to happen, or things refuse to happen when you DO want them to. Well, around our house, the past few…Read