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Should Homeschoolers Go to College?

Should Homeschoolers Go to College? By Lea Ann Garfias and Jonathan Lewis and 

The pros and cons of college are many, and the debate over higher education has been vigorous inside the homeschool community. How do we sift through it all and arrive at some answers?
A generation ago, educational paths were predictable: students graduated with a high school diploma, then attended a university or trade school immediately. Today’s homeschool students are not so typical; besides redefining secondary…Read
The Pros and Cons of the College Road Less Traveled

The Pros and Cons of the College Road Less Traveled By Karen D. Koch

Considering a non-traditional approach to college education? Here are some things we learned during our son's journey.
When our oldest turned sixteen, we enrolled him in CollegePlus (now Lumerit Scholar Unbound) to accelerate him to a college degree. We felt he was ready for college work, and he was, earning twelve college credits in his first six weeks…Read
5 Ways to Make Your High School Curriculum College-Ready

5 Ways to Make Your High School Curriculum College-Ready By Sapphire Heien

Strategies for getting your kids set for college success.
One of the most surprising lessons I’ve learned in college is that my parents’ unorthodox homeschooling methods made me better prepared for higher education than my public-schooled friends. While the transition from homeschool to college…Read
Educational Entrepreneurship

Educational Entrepreneurship By Kimberly Williams

Starting a business can be an amazing learning opportunity for your teens.
“Just a minute,” he said. “Let me make a call. This is the first time I’ve had a minor ask to open a business account.” I winked at my daughter. The bank was our second stop for the day. We had just come from the county courthouse to…Read
Class of 16

Class of 16 By Various Authors

Planning a homeschool graduation this year? Here are some ideas to make it memorable.
Our homeschool group produces a short video of each graduating senior, using a song of their choice and photos the parents submit from their child’s birth through graduation. Each set of parents gets to share about what their child and…Read
College? Maybe Not

College? Maybe Not By Kimberly Williams

My son might not go to college. And I'm fine with that. What does he want to do? Where is he going to college? Has he already applied for scholarships? How many times has he taken the ACT? What is his five-to-ten year plan? All are…Read
No Blindfolds

No Blindfolds By Melanie Hexter

If someone asked you to put on a blindfold and walk down a winding passageway in the dark, you probably wouldn’t jump at the chance. Walking in the dark is something few people enjoy. The anxiety that builds with the unknown route is no…Read

Apprenticeships and Resum├ęs By Kym Wright

One of the things I love about homeschoolers is their long-term view of raising children. Beyond just getting them through the day or the week (though we have all faced those moments), many homeschool parents look ahead to when their…Read

The Essence of Highschool By Leslie Wyatt

"What are you going to do when they get to high school?" This seemingly innocent question was the source of anxiety for many a homeschool family in the early days. Back when our family began in the eighties, homeschooling was still very…Read

Another Academic Alternative: Using CLEP Tests to Get a Head Start on College By Maribeth Spangenberg

As we climbed the cement walkway to the newly finished, red brick building, our little seven-member entourage drew the attention of all passersby. Since 6 out of 7 of our group were not the “normal” ages of its attendees, we were, in…Read