“They won’t be young forever.”

By Matthew Lewis on May 04, 2017

“They won't be young forever.”

Sometimes that saying is a helpful reminder to “live in the moment” with one's children. But honestly, on days like today, it ceases to be a cheerful platitude and almost becomes a precious promise!

Our kids are pretty good as a rule. (Aren't all kids when we talk about them publicly?)

But then there are days like today, when they wake with a scream, get up with a stomp, and proceed to continue the stomps and screams into every nook and cranny of the day.

Yes, we know about discipline, and we have our ways of dealing with bad behavior. But as my Mom finally realized when parenting Jonathan and me, “I can't make them BE right inside!”

The bottom line is, our kids are as sinful as we are, and when they've gotten up on the wrong side of bed, it seems they're more than happy to live in the flesh thereafter.

So yes, when these particular days come along, and someone ventures to suggest that “they won't be young forever,” I admit my internal response is often one of relief. But I've been convicted recently that this isn't the right way to feel, even on the tough days.

Abigail is only five (almost six), but in that time, we've already seen how fast the time really goes by. We may only have ten or eleven more years with her before she's married - probably more, but who can say? And the way the past six years have flown by, the future looks almost frighteningly short.

So no, they won't stay young forever. And may God forbid that we allow the frustration of the difficult times to miss opportunities to love, train, and appreciate each of our children.

But I'll take some aspirin anyway! smile