What’s the Matter?

By Kari Lewis on August 11, 2017

Every once in a while I find myself feeling overwhelmed, or discouraged, or angry, or just somehow “off”.  What’s worse is that oftentimes these feelings sneak up on me and I get stuck in a mental or emotional bog before I even realize anything is wrong. Eventually I begin to feel like “everything” is wrong!

Does that ever happen to you?

As a Christian, the first thing to do is pray, of course.  But after that, I find it helplful to take a few moments to try to figure out exactly what is wrong.  It truly helps me to simply identify precisely what is bothering me.   I’m happy (though somewhat embarrassed to admit) that the problem can sometimes be quite small and easily fixed, but it has somehow simply gotten blown out of proportion in my mind.  When I identify the problem, it suddenly shrinks to its proper significance, and I can more clearly see how to deal with it. 

Of course, that is not always the case.  After all, we live in an imperfect world and some problems are more complex and more involved than others.  Some problems are truly large.  Still, even dealing with the larger problems can usually be broken down into more manageable steps once we actually prayerfully identify exactly what the problem is!

This time of year can be overwhelming for homeschool moms (believe me, I know!).  After all, the new school year is right around the corner.  Curriculum decisions and schooling plans may not be complete.  The kids may not be enthusiastic about starting a school year (imagine that!).  Summer plans may not have come off quite as you would have wished.  Maybe there were projects that you really wanted to get completed over the summer months, but it just didn’t happen. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, first pray about it.  Remember that God has promised that if we trust in Him, He will direct our paths—and that we can do all things through Christ—and that all things work together for good if we love Him—and that He is in control and has a plan for all things.  Then, ask yourself “What’s the Matter”?  You may be blessed to see your thoughts becoming more clear and find that the answer isn’t all that complicated—especially if you take it one step at a time! 

May God bless you and yours as you wrap up the summer and prepare to dive into a brand new school year!