Free Goodies!

This page features some free resources you can use in your homeschool. We change these resources from time to time, so be sure to check back now and then to see what's new!

The Socialization Deception

"What about socialization?" We've heard that one before, haven't we? And, we've got some good answers. But have we always answered it the right way? Homeschool graduate Jonathan Lewis says there are some important assumptions to…   More Info Download

Homeschooling Summer-Style

Want to ward off boredom and keep your kids' minds sharp this summer? This free report is your answer! Fast and easy to read, it's packed with 22 real-life, tried and true ways to keep minds and bodies active during the summer…   More Info Download

Family Reading Bundle!

This free downloadable resource features four full-length books and thirty-eight short stories, all reprinted from some of the best family-friendly, character-building literature from the mid to late 1800's. Perfect for family…   More Info Download

The Secret to Homeschooling Freedom

This free report shows how you can experience true freedom and joy in your homeschool by using one simple technique - the Self-Teaching Method! Contains practical pointers, plus a bonus Q&A section with a homeschool student who…   More Info Download

Raising Entrepreneurs

Everything you need to know to get your kids - or your family - started in business for themselves! Businessman Russ McGuire shares lessons and insights from his own experience that are sure to jumpstart any budding entrepreneur! More Info Download