Practical Proverbs

Reviewed by Roberta Peavey

Are you looking for some good Bible studies for your junior high or high school student? Would you like a study that contains “practical life application from a biblical perspective”? We’ve had Practical Proverbs from Dara Halydier for a while now, and this book is great!

In Practical Proverbs, your children will learn background history of Israel, King David, Solomon, and King Rehoboam, while learning truths about challenging topics. There are thirty-six lessons covering thirty-six topics, each of which is followed by a life application worksheet (a few lessons have two worksheets). Worksheets include fill-in the-blanks, crosswords, scrambled words, word searches, and matching questions. Lessons are four to five pages long. You’ll also find a Bible memory exercise at the end of each lesson to encourage hiding God’s Word in your heart for future reference. There is also an appendix which lists recommended books such as Beautiful Girlhood, Hinds’ Feet on High Places, The Light and the Glory, and many more.

Lessons topics include:

  • What Is Wisdom?
  • Wisdom vs. Knowledge
  • Fear of the Lord
  • Law and Grace
  • Wisdom and Foolishness
  • Watch Over Your Heart—Media
  • Watch Over Your Heart—Relationships
  • Relationship with Parents
  • Your Body Is Not Your Own, Modesty
  • The Virtuous Woman

Lessons which contain more mature information are starred so that parents may review for appropriateness for their student.

This study is easy to use, fun to complete, and information packed. If you’re looking for something easy to fit into a tight schedule, this study is a great place to start. We are a family that likes all different types of puzzles and games. What more can you hope for—fun and learning at the same time! I love being able to put God’s Word into my child’s life in a way that she can understand and remember. Great job, Dara! 

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